Free Fire Advance Server OB28 Download – Activation Code & End Date

Free Fire has recently released a new 0B28 Advance server. It contains unreleased new updates which will be released after few weeks. By Using Free Fire Advance server, you will now get an exciting gameplay, New Weapons update and new character, and a pet. To Get access to the advance server you have to download the advance server APK.

What is Free Fire Advanced Server?

It’s an advanced server where players can Enjoy the Unreleased updates for free in Free Fire. It has been over a week since the Advance Server announcement, and fans now have an opportunity to test out the new features before they are implemented in the final update.

free fire advance server

How to Download Free Fire Advance Server

The Advance Free Fire Server went live on 03 April 2024. Now Player can download and test the upcoming updates on free fire in any android device.

You can download the Free Fire Advance server APK from here.

Don’t worry if you miss the latest update but you can now get free fire hack download and enjoy the game

 Note: This server is only available till 03 April 2024

To Access the Server, you need Activation Code

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How to Get Free Fire OB28 Advance Server Activation Code

Free Fire advance serve access is only available till 3 June. To use the server, you must have the activation code. I have seen most of the new users didn’t find the code. For the code, you have to go to the free official site.