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February 19, 2024





The game I’m about to show you has given me the chance to relive some of my best memories. When I was young, it always felt like a dream for me that one day maybe someday be an Olympic boxing champion and now Boxing Star MOD APK allows me get back at those feelings. Let’s see if we can do so too!

When I had first set out on my journey as a child, all these thoughts were just fantasies in my head but when playing this addictive new mobile application called Boxing Champion 2 – Fight 3D Game by Gameloft Games Inc., they seem more attainable than ever before; even though there are obstacles along the way such as difficulties with dodging punches or being knocked down from a strike.

Boxing is a sport that has captivated the world for over 100 years. Boxing tournaments have been held in nearly every country, and it’s one of those sports where spectators can feel an emotional connection with each fighter through their matches. Nowadays there are literally fighting games based on boxing – like “Boxing Star mod Apk” – to allow players from all walks of life to experience what it feels like to be inside the ring themselves!

An exciting thing about boxing as a sport is how accessible its rules are; anyone who watches should understand them right away due to how simple they may seem at first glance (pun intended). As if you weren’t already glued enough by watching two fighters go head-to-head, then add some emotions into play.

become a king of boxing star

This game is a new release for the Android and it has already become famous in this short time. It applies boxing mechanics to make you feel like a real boxer, where you have to punch, block, and dodge effectively or else your opponent will win the round. The game also includes P2P mode that can be enjoyed by all types of players with different interests!

It’s an arcade style fighting/boxing simulator that gives players just about as true-to-life experience imaginable playing on their phone without ever actually getting hit Irl – they must use button prompts from “punch”–>block–>dodge (or otherwise get KO’d) but if timing is mastered then victory should always be assured provided one doesn’t take too many punches

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Boxing Star Mod Apk

Boxing Star Mod Apk is a modified (hacked) version of the official Boxing Star game. With which you enjoy all modded features like unlimited money, automatic updates, and powerful attack while fighting with your opponent in league mode for free. It also gives many hidden benefits such as infinite Mega punch and unlock every character automatically to have fun!

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Application Name  Boxing Star Mod Apk
Version 3.0.2
Developed By FourThirtyThree Inc
Game Requirements Android 5.0
Mod Features Resources Unlocked
Last Updated 07/20/2021


Boxing Star Mod

Features of Boxing Star Mod APK

Boxing Star is a game where you can choose to fight other players’ AI or humans all over the world. With in-game purchases, your skills improve and opponents will be seeing stars after one of their Mega Punches are thrown on them! You’ll also get an opportunity to test out any opponent before going into battle with him/her by using Practice Mode first. Events and missions keep things interesting so there’s always something new happening for Boxing Stars at any time during gameplay; if they’re not competing against each another then these boxers could very well have just won some Awards together like Fighting Club which gives people a chance to invite friends (or enemies) and compete without fussing about who wins because it doesn’t matter when everyone had fun challenging.

  1. Unlock unlimited money
  2. Get New Skills
  3. Get Unlimited Mega Puch
  4. Enjoy High Quality Graphics
  5. Get a wide range of customization options to help you design your character just how you want it
  6. Get an amazing boxing experience that will test the limits of your reflexes as well as challenge every ounce of strength left in your body.

Unlimited Money

unlimited money

In boxing, money is everything! Without it you can’t upgrade your fighter’s equipment or buy the essential items. So, in Boxing Star Mod APK game, we provide unlimited amounts of coins that will help any player to purchase anything they want without limitation.

One Hit Kill

one hit kill

With one punch, you can be the champion of your boxing Star game. The modified application starts this feature automatically so that victory is just a moment away!

Unlimited Health

unlimited heath

This is my favorite feature of the Boxing Star Mod Apk. As we know, health plays a vital role in this game. In this mod, you will get unlimited health due to which you can win each game and beat your opponents with ease because they won’t be able to knock out or damage your boxer as much! This feature gets automatically enabled when it starts looking like our character’s life bar might run out – so make sure that doesn’t happen too often if I want an easy victory every time.

Free Shopping

This game is filled with premium items that are locked behind in-app purchases. But luckily, this mod gives players access to any item from the store without spending a single penny!

Game equipment like weapons and skills can be bought using this feature too.

Unlimited Gold

In the boxing game, gold is a player’s premium currency. With this money they can buy anything from gloves to gear or other upgrades in-game such as increasing their speed and punching power with uppercuts for example. They’re able to do all of these things without any restrictions which made me share Boxing star Mod APK that will give you unlimited amounts of money so you don’t have to spend time grinding!

Customize your Player

Create your own boxer and unlock a whole new world of skills with Boxing Star. Choose from different styles, colors, haircuts, clothes etc. to make it uniquely yours! You can also equip them with exclusive moves in the game like “Strong Uppercut” or “Dancing Punches.”

Every game need good graphics to make it stand out, and Boxing Star’s visuals are no exception. With its 3D effects, this boxing simulator is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages!

About Boxing Star

Boxing Stars has two game modes, Training and a Tournament. In both of these games you can upgrade your character’s power with several built-in features like protective gloves to keep the character’s state in balance or skillsets to learn new boxing moves! There are also sponsors that will help finance some purchases while competing for financial rewards as well.


Choose one of three characters to play and talk about them. You can customize your character after you enter the game; players have access to 3D graphics with a variety of costumes available for free or as rewards from defeating opponents in battle.


The system characters in Story mode are designed to replicate the human form and movements. The manufacturer has staged them according to the script during a fight, which is why they’ve been programmed with lifelike moves that range from easy punches you can land early on all of the way up through more intuitive boxing maneuvers with levels increasing as your skill level grows. It’s an opportunity for you to improve while playing!

League Mode

Boxing Stars mod 2021 is a game that boasts both single player and multiplayer elements. The Alliance mode pits players against each other in competitive matches to win stars for the good of their team, while also earning gold coins as prizes. Many levels will be unlocked if you earn enough points, but it’s not easy! You’ll need some luck on your side when deciding what items to buy with all those precious coins too.

The one downside? Matches will take place at an accelerated pace so make sure you practice first before getting into any real fights or else things might get hectic really fast!


The controls for your character are very easy and straightforward. You can easily use the whole screen of your phone to control them, but you will have the freedom to move around with ease when it comes time defend yourself or attack an enemy too.

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Boxing Stars is an app that promises to bring you boxing entertainment on the go. It has detailed instructions and easy controls, so there’s really no excuse not to give it a try – especially because its free! You will be able to take your favorite sport with you anywhere as long as your phone or tablet stays charged up since this game doesn’t require internet connection away from home. There are many different opponents for various skill levels, which means anyone can find their match in Boxing Stars regardless of what they’re looking for: either someone who won’t make them work too hard if they just want some exercise; or somebody more challenging when players need something new after playing all day.


This game is free, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you don’t upgrade your character and buy items to help them out in battle, they will be defeated by the opponent – even if you’re playing on an easier setting! The only way for me to beat my friends at this game was through a lot of trial and error.



Boxing Stars is a game that can help you train your reflexes and sharpness. The eye-catching graphics, logical layout, and diverse control mechanisms are just some of the top-rated spots in this great game. You’ll be able to hone your skills by playing against other opponents through PvP mode or take on Story Mode where you get to live the life stories of boxing champions!


Is it safe to use Boxing Star Mod Apk? 

Yes, it is 100% safe to use Boxing Star Mod Apk in any android device. As I always said, boxing fans and modders alike can enjoy this game without worry about their privacy or security.

Can I play with my friends in this game?

In order to play with your friends in the game, you need to log into an existing account. After logging in and connecting with other players on the multiplayer mode of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands search for a friend by their nickname or username using Fight Now button near name then choose whether it is solo mission or co-op.

Is boxing star online?

This game has been designed to be played in the digital realm, but players can still enjoy a small chunk of it while they are offline.

Is boxing star free to use?

Yes, this game is free to use and you can do so without ever spending a dime. However, if you want the luxury of opening up new areas or speeding your progress in any way with some nifty items now and then there’s an option for that.

Is boxing star multiplayer game?

This multiplayer game will keep you on your toes as you try to outsmart your opponents.

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