FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Mod APK 8.0.0 ,Mod Unlimited Gems.



February 19, 2024





FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Mod APK  is a role-playing video game with the goal of helping the player (known as the Warrior of Light in this game) save an alternate world that has been consumed by darkness. The story takes place in a world in which the Goddess Etro opened a gate with her dying breath — known as the Chaos — to allow her to travel to Valhalla, where she could find help against an even greater threat in exchange for what little life she had left. During this journey, both Lambent and Cie’th appeared in Luxerion and began attacking people indiscriminately. In order to defeat them and close the gateway, the Warrior of Light must travel through time from the age of myth to the modern day and back again, working with Nabaat, who seeks to rid of mankind for its wickedness by creating a new history for it. This leads to him developing contrasting feelings towards her as despite her desire for meritocracy he believes equality is better. Meanwhile Weiss’s twin brother Sol is betrayed by his companions at the behest of an embodiment called Type Omega and taken prisoner where he joins the Warrior of Light after they rescue him.

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