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February 19, 2024





Irrigation Water Quality Calculator Apk is basically designed for our comfort to check the water quality through a calculator for irrigation. And is totally free of cost. Isn’t it interesting??

How To Calculate Irrigation Water Quality?

This is the most frequent question by the farmers and is totally valid. This application describes you how to calculate it with the simple and most easy method.

Before using this Apk, You need to know the following parameters.

  • EC(uS/cm)
  • CO3(meq/L)
  • Ca+Mg(meq/L)
  • HCO3(meq/L)

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Irrigation Water Quality Control calculator

Just fill the exact amount of these and the calculator will tell you the exact Irrigation Water Quality.

Press the Download Link Below for having that Application.

Note: For Downloading and Installation, Read our Installation Guide.

[su_note note_color=”#dddddd” text_color=”#fff”]For Irrigation Water Testing and soil sampling make sure to visit Soil and Water Testing Laboratory, Lahore.[/su_note]

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