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February 19, 2024





Khmer lottery belongs to Cambodia. Firstly it was declared illegal by the Government, but after seeing their loss and so much profit in it, now it is considered legal only by the platforms shared by the Government of Cambodia. All platforms other than that are still considered illegal.

Through this lottery, daily many people earn a lot of money for their living.

It is announced on our official website at a specific time. The first four winners are announced five times a day at a given time like 10:35, 13:00, 15:45, 18:00, and 19:45.

This lottery can be played online. DreamWin Corporation had a contract with Cambodia that runs it online. You can easily earn your profit online.

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For playing a lottery, you need to have a paying slip or ticket. Take care of your ticket as you take care of yourself. If it got lost then you are not going to have any money if you win that lottery. After buying, make sure to sign at its back.

If you are buying a ticket from an operator, make sure to check his license first. He will give you a slip and on that, you will have to mark Five digits. This can be anything i.e your lucky number, birth date or etc. These numbers will describe the future of your result.

This can be played through an application. What you have to do is just register yourself and then you are ready to move on. You will be given results instantly as announced. Nowadays playing through an application is much safer than going outside for ticket purchase.

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