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February 19, 2024





If you like the first Smashy Road Wanted, then Smashy Road Wanted 2 MOD APK is a must-download. This sequel provides updates and new features that players will love. Smashy Road Wanted 2 offers multiple game modes including hunt and wagon: in the latter, players enjoy a 4×4 in a revenge race against the police; and in the former, players’ objective is to eliminate all enemies before getting caught. The game also provides 60 unlockable vehicles and 6 mysterious vehicles. If you like to play around with cars that have different speeds and other performance features, this game is for you. Smashy Road Wanted 2 delivers an immersive racing experience where you can compete in exciting missions while using your driving skills to escape from the police.

What is Smashy Road 2 APK?

Smashy Road 2 APK is a casual single-player offline game, where one is chased by the police. To avoid this chase, one leaves no stone unturned, to dodge the police, and smash everything that pops up on the way. Besides, 2D graphics and a vibrant colour scheme foster the aesthetics of this game.

As far as the gameplay of this chasing simulation is concerned, it is nothing but the world of your imagination. By imagination, you can do anything according to your desire in the vast urban area. Nobody dares to halt your progress, and if one does, then destruction hails him. Therefore, your movement does not stop as you trigger the engine of your vehicle. So, one must ensure that one is unleashing full potential while smashing into Smashy Road 2. Mark your action gameplay in Free fire diamond generator.


Out of countless luring features of this game, here are some prominent ones:

Drone Cinematography

Unlike those overrated racing games, this game utilizes the drone-camera view. In this way, an eagle’s eye view assists you to keep track of everything on the road. Besides, it adds glory to the gameplay, because it seems less like a chasing scene and more like professional cinematography.

Pixelated Chase

When the idea of crime scenes and police chasing strikes our minds, the visuals of high graphics and effects erupt. Contrarily, in this game, conventional pixelated graphics are displayed with massive action and adventure.

Luring Racing Cars

A whopping number of 60 cars fall under the command of every player who installs this game. In addition to these 60 cars, there are some other enigmatic cars. These secret cars can only be discovered by clearing all the levels and accomplishing objectives.

Nurture Skills Overtime!

In most of the games, there is seen the retention of the characters. Throughout the story, every character clings to traits and does not bother to evolve. Unlike this majority, Smashy Road 2 fosters its players to alter their identity by acquiring higher skills overtime. So, keep your smashing skills nurtured in this epic chasing simulation. Build your dream city through Taps to Riches.

Features of Smashy Road 2 Mod APK Latest Version 2023

Apart from the above fascinating features of average versions, here are some of the modified features. These modified features are exclusively available to this remodelled variation of Smashy Road: Wanted 2:

  • Unlocked All Cars: As mentioned above, there are more or less 60 luring cars in this chasing masterpiece. Nevertheless, these cars cannot be attained simultaneously, unless you have installed this modified variation.
  • God Mode: Perhaps, there is nothing impossible in the activated god mode of this epic chasing game. From executing minor feats to fostering higher levels, this god mode is a chimera.
  • Unlimited Money: To beat the police and drive faster, one needs in-game currency or money. Since this money modifies your vehicle, which ultimately vests you the highest speed. That is why this mode gives you limitless money.
  • Free Shopping: There is no doubt that shopping is one of the most exhilarating feelings in this as well as in the gaming world. To one’s wonder, this shopping has been made free of cost, unconditionally.


Can I escape the police by driving into the water?

To escape the claws of police vehicles, you had better not dive into the water. The reason behind this claim is that this will only add fuel to the fire of your problems. You will be stuck in the water for good and the game will get over.

Is there any way to halt normal traffic from getting in our way?

In the first part of this game, there used to be an option, which was obliterated later. Therefore, currently, there is no way to halt this traffic while being chased by the police.

Are there mandatory in-game purchases?

There is no doubt that a slew of fair purchases is available in this game. Yet there exists not even a single purchase, which is compelled by Bearbit Studios. So, one can smash the roads without worrying about such purchases.

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