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February 19, 2024





Snack Video Apk is and Entertaiment Platform where you can watch and upload short video. With Entertainment you can earn coins by watch videos that converts into money that you can withdraw. It’s the one of the fastest growing platforms in Asia.

Snack Video APK can be downloaded and installed for free on Android devices that support 18 APIs or higher. The newest version of the app should work just fine once you download it.

We’re seeing a lot of short funny videos on Snack Video lately! Video snacks from Snack Video showcase the funniest, magical videos out there. The selection of short videos is endless, allowing you to watch what you like and interact with it.

Snack Video APK

A variety of videos including prank videos, comedy videos, news videos, pets videos, games videos, and entertainment videos. Scroll away to find what you want.

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Application Snack Video
App Download Version
Size 55 MB
Requirements Above 4.3
Developed By Joyo Technology Pte. Ltd.
Updated on 7 July 2021


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You will be able to access various videos based on your requirements

Personalized video feeds will be shown to you based on what you watch and like. Snack Video offers interesting and fun videos that you will enjoy watching.

Find out what’s Trending on Snack

In order to allow everyone to see the most popular content from our users, we developed the trending page.

How To Earn Money from Snack Video?

With Snack video APK now you can earn money at home by watching videos. There are many other platforms from where you can watch video but with snack video you get coins on each video you watch. Later these coins convert into money so you can withdraw.

Methods to Earn Coin from Snack Video

Snack Video pay you coins for these Two Actions.

  • Invite You Friends to Join Snack Video
  • By Watching Short Videos

How To Earn Money by Inviting Friends?

Now you can earn money by inviting your Friends. Copy the Snack Video Invitation URL (as shown in the Given Picture) From you snack video Dashboard and send to Your Friends. Once they join the Snack video from you URL, they have to Bind by Putting your Invitation code. Once they Successfully bind to your Invitation code you will get some coins.

How to Earn Money by Watching Videos?

This is the Easiest way to earn money from shack video. You just have to watch video to earn coin. The More you watch vides the more coins you earn. This option is only available to all the user who successfully bind with invitation code. Once you bind with invitation code the con will appear on your screen once you start watching videos. You can use snack vide unlimited coin hack to get unlimited coins.

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