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February 19, 2024





A subsidy is a gift or incentive, which is given by the government to any individual and for their business in form of cash and grants. And the individual pays this cash or grant straight or directly to the government from their income tax, poll tax, and land tax. This cash is given for the improvement of the supply of necessary goods and services.

Subsidy App 

This is a newly launched app by the Agriculture Department of Punjab Government Pakistan. Subsidy App is the best app for farmers to check their subsidy. Now we discuss this app in detail.  This app will help the farmers in subsidies and providing fertilizers to facilitate the farmers and getting financial assistance. This is a hassle-free, very easy, and totally new method. The government gives grants to the farmers who are registered in this app.

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Subsidy App Update Procedure

Previously, to resolve the subsidies problems, all the farmers who are registered in Agriculture Department, are using the Punjab Information Technology Board Application and entered the thirteen (13) digit code from their provided coupon. The codes are pasted in number is provided inside of a bag of the seed of fertilizers. Then the farmers can easily use this app.  Farmers scratch the coupon and send the message to the available number and the system of this service sends you a confirmation message.

Then the farmers bring their original CNIC and go to the agents to receive their subsidy money.  This is a very accurate and more modern system and specially designed for the delivery of cash subsidies to the registered farmers. This is a well-developed system and with the help of the system, the transaction is successful. The location and usage details are also updated in real-time.

Detail of Subsidies

The Punjab Government is giving the Rs.500 per bag of DAP, Rs.500 on Mop, Rs, 800 on SOP and Rs, 300 a single bag of Nitrophos.

Also, the Punjab Government is providing a subsidy of Rs, 5000 per acre on the Canola Panting and Sunflower. And the Rs, 2000 is provided on Sesame cultivation to the registered farmers.

Almost 36000 farmers in Multan claimed for subsidy. The government gives the financial assistance of Rs, 2000 to the farmers for the pules cultivation and Rs, 1200 for the Wheat Seed bag.

Purpose of Subsidy

The main purpose of the Punjab Government to give subsidies to farmers is to secure the possibility of basic and necessary goods and services. And the other basic purpose of this Subsidy app is to balance the food prices, food production, ensure the farmers for basic income, and improve the agriculture department for a better economy. If the agriculture sector will be improved and the farmer will earn from them, then our country will be more successful in the economy and become a developed country.

About Version

The available version is the old one because there is no new version to install. But the old version is working perfectly. Farmers can easily use this google play app without any new update this. Till now there is no new version of this.

Key Features of Subsidy APP

It is totally free. It is a very fast and free app. You can also save your internet data. You can send messages from your cell phone without any balance.

If you are out of balance, so don’t worry! You can send messages at the given number from your mobile phone easily. The message is free of cost. It has no cast.

Additional Information


APP Name Subsidy
Size 13 MB
Last Updated 07 jan 2022
Offered By Punjab ID Board
Version 1.07
System Requirements Android 4.2 and up



This app has two languages, which are the following:   English & Urdu. The farmers can check the subsidy in any language. Most of the farmers are not educated, so the Urdu version is very helpful for them. They can easily check subsidy in your desire language.

Subsidy Language

Installation Guide for Subsidy App

Now I am telling you how to install the Subsidy App, it is very easy to install.

Now I will tell you how to install this app, Very easy to install Just follow the step below:

  • First download subsidy app from Google Play Store or Website
  • Then allow unknown sources permission from your device in settings
  • Then click on this app and install it
  • It takes two to three minutes to install
  • When installing the process complete click on open
  • First, open your internet connection then click on open
  • When you open this App the update notification is a popup
  • Open the app
  • After this select your language English or Urdu
  • Click on the inquiry subsidy option
  • Then enter your CNIC number and click on the search option
  • Wait for 1 to 3 minutes
  • Then you are the detail of the subsidy will be shown

Reviews about Subsidy App

10K+ people download this app and give positive reviews. Farmers are totally satisfied with this app. Farmers said that this is very beneficial and the best app. And it became a more popular app day by day.

Final Verdict

The Agriculture Department of the Punjab Government introduced this new application. It provides the daily prices of accommodates which are available in the market of different cities. It is a very helpful app for farmers. They can check the details with just one message. The farmers get financial assistance and subsidies easily through this newly launched application.

APK file, safe to download and free of any virus

General FAQs

How much subsidy is provided by the Government?

The financial assistance of Rs. 225,000 per unit is provided to the farmers/service providers.

What is the total cost of the Subsidy?

The total cost is Rs. 550,000-650,000.

What is the procedure to apply for a Subsidy?

Punjab Agriculture Department invites the farmers through an advertisement for those who are interested to work. The interested farmers get the application form from provincial, regional, district, and tehsil level OFWM offices. Then submit the filled forms along with necessary documents to the concerned District Officer (OFWM) for further processing. The application form can also be downloaded from the OFWM website

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Subsidy?     

Any farmer, citizen, and resident of Punjab are eligible. Those who are holding some piece of agricultural land (ownership or leased) are eligible.

Which documents are required for Subsidy?    

Only the land possession document i.e.  “Fard Milkiat” or proof of any lease is required.

What is the payment method for Subsidy?       

You will get the challan form from the office duly filled. To deposit into government treasury/ National Bank.

What are the Fee, Taxes, Levies and Hire rates? 

Rs.560 per machine hour for small farmers and Rs.100/- per hour, supported with HSD provision by farmers

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