Township MOD APK v17.1.0 (Unlimited Money, Unlimited Cash)




March 22, 2024






Android 4.4


144 MB

The game features various farms of animals and crops, which are very realistic. Players can also take part in events like horse races, dog shows, and sheep shows. Apart from this, there is a unique feature of Township Mod Apk, which is the player can take part in the elections of the village.

Three different types of villages are available. There are five main townships in the game. In each township, there are three main villages and one additional one. There are eight regions in total, and these include nine districts. Players can collect coins in each district. These coins can be used to unlock more crops and animals. They can also buy new equipment for the players. Township users also love to play My Singing Monsters Mod APK

Township MOD APK Features

There is a slightly modified version of the original game in the PlayStore, but we offer you unlimited premium features unlocked in this alternate variant. You can use infinite money to access advanced features and premium benefits. The game caters to multiple offset features availability or disability based on your needs and shared understanding, and you can use that money to upgrade and purchase various in-game items for better performance and comfortable expansion of cities and farms.

One of the most expensive features is ads disabling, absolutely free. The technique helps in the nonstop flow of entertainment and enjoyment. It gives users a safe environment. It follows the antiban and antivirus properties because they don’t need rooting.

Players can get to know their township better by exploring the different areas and buildings. They will get to meet the characters and play mini-games. There are different types of mini-games that you can participate in. Some of them will require you to do certain tasks, and others will simply reward you with points and coins. You can earn these coins by farming the fields. It takes time and hard work to farm the fields properly. This means that the farmers will have to invest lots of time to cultivate the fields properly. In order to have a successful farm, you will have to keep the fields free of weeds. If the farmers want to get more income, they should increase the production of plants.

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