Train Station 2: Rail Tycoon Mod APK 3.4.2 Unlimited Money/Gems



February 19, 2024





Train Station 2 APK Mod is a train simulation game, where you build and manage your very own train station. In this game, you use real-life trains to transport passengers and different types of products required by contractors across the city. You can gain more profit by encompassing large areas of land with your tracks to reduce costs and increase production. The more your railroad expands, the more efficient it becomes and produces more money for you to grow further.

There are over 120 missions available that challenge your skills in order to help you become the biggest railroad tycoon in the region! You can zoom in and out of landscapes using satellite view so you can easily see what kinds of opportunities you have available for expansion. TrainStation 2 Mod APK game is a free game but there are in-app purchases available including coins, diamonds, and gold to facilitate the user throughout the game.

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