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February 19, 2024





Kindergarten is basically a special building where you can put your beautiful little cutest dragons. As the name kindergarten indicates that dragons there should be baby dragons.

You can have up to 5 kindergartens in a dragon city. It acts as a universal kindergarten. When you reach level 13, this kindergarten unlocks. To get completed or build it takes 4 hours and gives 30,000 leveling rewards. Isn’t it interesting!!!!


It is basically a habitat for dragons. When you can not have suitable habitat for dragons then use this universal habitat for them. It is suitable for all dragons. All types whether elemental etc can be placed there.

By placing different dragons of different races or elements in this universal kindergarten, it seems beautifully decorated and eye-catching for the player also.

In kindergarten, all dragons look like a baby dragon, but all have retained their attributes. You can feed them, breed them, train them, and even combat them in online Arenas. You can also put them directly after hatching.

The choice is yours…

Dragon City Kindergarten(Overview)

Unlocks at: Level 13

The capacity of Gold: 60,000 gold

Number of Kindergarten: 5

Cost per Kindergarten

1st Kindergarten : 100 gems

2nd Kindergarten : 200 gems

3rd Kindergarten : 500 gems

4th Kindergarten : not known

5th Kindergarten : not known

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