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February 19, 2024





After School girlfriend, mod apk is a game developed by the renowned Asian dating simulation creator, Hentai Creative. In this fun and addictive game, you will travel through the life of a schoolgirl named Eri Naruse who wants to have a boyfriend. You will have to build your relationship with her and help her make her dreams come true.

They say that high school is the most memorable part of your school life since this is where we become teens. In The After School Girlfriend MOD Apk, you spend most of your time avoiding unnecessary physical activities. However, after a commotion with a cat, you suddenly gain the attention of 3 club girls who won’t back down! This is the start of a crazy high school life that you’ve never dreamed of.

after school girlfriend mod

After School Girlfriend MOD APK latest version Premium Unlocked

The After School Girlfriend MOD APK game is like no other, bringing the developer’s unique collection to the school story genre. This new game in this collection has beautiful female protagonists with very special stories like Project qt mod apk. The combination of beautiful images and compelling stories makes players more attentive to the storyline and leads them to spend more time playing.

After School Girlfriend MOD APK Features

School Sports Club

In a small town, there are 3 clubs you can join after school. The Tennis club, Swim Club and Dance Club. Among them is the girl of your dreams who tries to recruit you for her own reasons. Will you be able to convince her that you’re not just any normal boy? Join us on this journey of growing up and emotions in our After-School Girlfriend.

Meet Club captains

After school is not over for you yet. Make memories with the three cute captains Kyoka, Mizuho, and Akane of the tennis, swimming, and kendo clubs respectively. You can even start dating them! The school may be the main setting of this game but you can also go to other places such as the room of your girlfriends to deepen your relationship with them.

You’re  the Main Character

After School Girlfriend MOD APK! is the cool story of a boy and his crush. It begins with the setting at a high school in Japan. Everything seems peaceful but strange because you are a new student. Here, you have planned to avoid all school activities and just close yourself to a familiar schedule: study, go home, play games, sleep. But this plan was changed when the school required each student to join at least one club. And no other way, you will have to start learning about a certain sport reluctantly.

Unexpected encounters

After School Girlfriend APK MOD The school year is over. This means that each club has to recruit new members. Xervius, the main character in After School Girlfriend, applied for recruitment into the tennis club. Everyone at the club welcomed him and started chatting with him right away. Things are going better than he expected, so he is starting to look forward to his new school life. However, unbeknownst to Xervius, there is a girl who takes an immediate dislike toward him and refuses to accept him as a player of her tennis club.


After School Girlfriend is a simulation game worth trying for anyone. Even though it is specifically targeted toward teenage players, it is still able to catch the hearts of many other people, especially those with a curiosity to see what the game has in store. Through different stories, many different characters are developed, each one feeling realistic and unique, taking you on a journey through their lives. It evokes lots of emotions that players can express through their own personalities and create a close relationship with the characters they like.

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