Project QT MOD APK v20.0 (Coins, Gems and Girls Unlocked)




June 1, 2024






Android 4.1


75 MB

Enjoy Playing the New Project QT MOD Apk with a lot of new features added. This game has been recently updated to the latest mod version. It’s a free online game with Resouces Unlocked, unlimited Coins, and Gems with fully unlocked spots, cheats, and advanced technologies added. Here are some of the Unlocked features that you can enjoy by downloading this latest mod version of Project qt announced a few days ago by Nutaku.

  • God Mode
  • High Damage
  • Auto win
  • Infinite HP
  • Infinite Challenge Coins
  • Gems
  • RYO

Project QT is an Anime based RPG game with a visual novel element to satisfy anime fans. Nutaku has now released the latest Project QT Mod. Basically, As we all know, It is a Simulation game where you can get unlimited and addictive fun in the virtual World. This latest mod is developed by Nutaku (The Official developer of the game). One thing more, the game you are about to download is the most popular game ever developed by Nutaku.

This game takes place in a parallel World having more advanced methods and tactics. Try using different techniques with your Monster girls, each having her own suitable power. Use them correctly to Master this game and above all protect the World for the sake of those Monster girls fighting for their Worlds protection.

Project QT MOD Application

Project QT is not available on Google Play Store because it is the property of Nutaku and that is why it is available on the official website. Furthermore, the Google play store doesn’t allow anime-based applications. That’s the reason Nutaku releases all its games on its Site. The mod version of this game is very limited. Its mod is only available to paid members. If you want to download the Project qt mod for free then click on the download button given above or follow the given instructions.

This game is loved by many anime game lovers. We know you love to play project qt Apk. That’s the reason you are looking for Project QT Mod Apk in 2023. We have updated the mod to the latest version updated a few days ago. To Download the Mod, Click on the Download Button Given above.

This game has many interesting features to discover. Come and grab the chance of talking with beautiful and powerful monsters girls that can win your game at any stage.

What’s New in the Latest Project QT MOD Apk?

The Latest mod version of Project qt is updated on 26 March and a lot of new features were added. The old versions were packed with a lot of features but with every single updated Nutaku is giving his best to provide what the game player wants. In the latest update, you can see a lot of new features added to improve the gameplay to attract more users to play this mod.

App NameProject QT MOD
Category Simulation
Updated OnFebruary, 23 2024
Size66 MB
Developer Nutaku
System Requirements Android 5.0 and up

Features of Project QT Latest MOD version 20.5

Project QT Mod Apk has many new features to enjoy. With every new update, you will get new features added so keep coming and get the latest Feature mod with every new update. These Features of this latest mod (Updated on 24 March 2023) are listed below.

project qt mod apk features

  • Unlocked Character
  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite HP
  • Unlimited Coins and Gems
  • Auto Update
  • GOD Mode
  • High Damage

Installation Guide and Requirements For Project QT Mod Apk

There are a few system requirements that you must have to enjoy the game without any lagging. These are the minimum requirement to play the game on your smartphone.

  • Your Device must have Android 5.0
  • Your Device Must have at least 4 GB Ram or More.
  • You Must have 80 MB of Free Space to download the game

How to Check Device Specification?

Check our Detailed Guide on Device Specifications

Installation Guide

Before downloading the game make sure your device meets the requirement to play the game without lagging. Follow the instructions to download Project qt MOD APK.

  • Click on the Download Button
  • Wait a Few Seconds until the download button appears.
  • Make Sure to complete the verification to download the game.
  • Make sure to Allow Unknown Resources before downloading the game
  • Now Download and install the game

If you are struggling to allow unknown resources Follow our guide.

Project QT Storyline

You’ll get more than just puzzle game mechanics in Project QT. Get ready to join the highest adventure this side of the multiverse! Take the hottest cuties you’ve ever seen, venture to the most entertaining worlds, and take on the most exciting battles. As you progress through the levels, you will unlock more rich hentai scenes that will leave you breathless.

The Game takes place in Fiction Background with the world developing in technology and science. Humans started to research beyond the earth. So, they started learning about cosmic Blackhole. They Started an Experiment at the North Pole but unfortunately that linked to another dimension where Aliens exist.

Because of that single experiment, the whole world began to fall into Chaos. From the other end of Blackhole, monster girls appear with the intention of invading the planet (Earth). To cope up with the situation, a group of girls stood up to fight against those girls invading their planet.

Your task in this game is to create a girl’s squad in order to protect Mankind. As these girls are not skilled or trained, you being a player will have to train them to your best in order to protect the Earth. Try to identify their hidden skills and then give them training according to their skills.

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Unlock Beautiful Monster Girls

This is one of the most attractive features of Project QT mod apk. In every game, beautiful girls are obviously an eye-catching feature that every player loves and the developers understand that. While playing, every defeated person became your prisoner.

During participation in different campaigns,  every team you defeat has a commander. You can add that prisoner girl to your team and can use her abilities when required.

Now Level Up Fast

Leveling up fast relies on completing the story stages and covering your Daily Quests every day. You will earn. For The Level Boost, you need to earn expensive points (850) if you finish your dailies. You have to learn the farming basics, Sweeping levels, and Prepare your girl’s outfit. For new players, it’s easy to head toward Level 30 Just by accessing newbie’s missions (Week For Tasks).

leveling up fast

Different Events

You can check your abilities in the events taking place. There are weekly events in this game. Every time you play, events are constantly taking turns. You can enjoy and learn different tactics as well from these events. This game is so addictive that you can easily play it for 24 hours without getting bored.

Play with your Friends

This game allows you to connect globally. It means that you can invite friends and family online. Participate in PvP events, and battles, or team up with your friends online. As it is an action-packed game, adventure with your friends, and other people across the globe.

Create your own map

One of the great features is that you can create your map accordingly. The choice is up to players to create the map according to their liking. The one with zero knowledge about playing can easily understand its story and can play.

If you are a newbie then there are tutorials in this game, that will help you to master this Mod Apk.


Project QT is rated as one of the best anime graphics games. All of its characters are designed uniquely and they look like a chibi style during battle, very cute and attractive. All the characters are different in appearance from others. That is why this will not prove boring for you. Other than battle, they are depicted by the skilled drawing of mangaka.

More About the Game

The Gameplay of Project QT is not as difficult as it seems. But, It takes time to master. The basic rule of this game is to protect mankind from surviving on Earth. As a player, you have to create a squad of beautiful monster girls and train them to do their best to participate in the battle. During a Battle, you can use up to eight girls in a battle.

During player VS player arenas, you must use all the actions of your trained girls like special or normal attacks. There are various challenges waiting for you. After winning those challenges you can unlock new parts.

About project qt mod apk

After conquering those challenges, players will be rewarded and the reward varies. The reward can be a rare material that will help a lot in making your player girl stronger and stronger or it can be some special item that will bring greater rewards.

Monster Girls are divided into various races and unique traits including personality, strength, skill, and weakness. Each girl is ranked between 1 and 5. Is obvious, the higher the rank the greater the power. This rank plays a great role in a girl’s appearance. However, for higher rank, the girl must accompany the player in many battles and other certain conditions also exist for ranking.

Key Features of Project QT

You have to wonder what these strange things have in common. I’m guessing hot monster girls. What would a black hole experiment in the Arctic have in common with a gateway to a virtual dimension? This is a world that’s unlike any other. A mysterious space virus has infected our planet via a sub-dimensional portal. Your team of sexy hotties is all that stands between humanity and destruction.

  • Use Memory Fragments to Evolve Your Girls!
  • Upgrade Their Loyalty And Skill Levels To Unlock Their Kinky Videos!
  • Seduction Tools will make them only believe in you, while gifts will increase their skill set, leaving a lasting impression.

Final Verdict

No doubt, Project QT Mod Apk is a powerful simulation game. The developers have designed this game per the gamer’s needs. Beauty, glamour, and sharpness, these three basic rules are of fun and adventure for every player and this game has all of the basic rules.

All these make pleasing and eye-catching for the youth nowadays. And this game also makes your brain sharp just because of its gameplay. I will suggest you play this game as it is very addictive with non-stop fun. And above all, this can be played online. So, have fun with your friends and make other friends too from around the globe.


Is there any risk of Getting Banned While playing Project QT Mod Apk?

Any application displayed on our website is firstly tested and is undergone various trials. Enjoy this game without any hesitation.

How to download or upgrade Project Qt Mod Apk?

You can easily download this mod app from the download link given above. For further information read our installation guide.

What are the Android requirements for Project QT MOD APK?

Android Requirement is 5.o and up.

Is Wi-Fi required during playing Project QT Apk?

Yes absolutely, Wi-Fi is required. PVP Arenas also takes place in this game so Wi-Fi is mandatory.

Is there unlimited everything in the latest Project QT MOD APK?

Absolutely yes. As this is God mod, you can get unlimited everything.

Is Project QT a multiplayer game?

Yes, it is an online multiplayer game. You can invite your family and friends to play with you.

What is the size requirement of Project Mod’s latest version?

As per the latest version, its size requirement is 66 Mb.

Why Project QT is not allowed for children below 18?

As it is a simulation game and there are various intimate factors that are obviously at any cost not allowed by the parents to come across. That is why developers already described the age limit.

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