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February 19, 2024





If you like thrill and adventure, then you landed right because Granny Mod Apk is the best android app so far filled with thrill, adventure, and above all horror. A lady named granny locked you in her house. Now your mission is to get out of her house with your best.

But getting out of that scary house is not as simple as it looks. Granny, a very clever lady, can hear every bit of sound, even footsteps while sleeping. So, you will have to be very careful. By using your brain, doing tricks, you will have to get out of her house within the required time; otherwise Granny will get you locked in her house forever. I bet you will get goosebumps while playing this game.

granny mod apk

What you will Get in Granny MOD Apk?

Granny Mod Apk is very easy to download. Download this app by clicking the link below and get 100% guaranteed access to the latest version of mod apk. 

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  • This game was given full love, support, and appreciation by the people enjoying it. But a time came in everyone’s life when people start getting bored with the same gameplay, graphics, and also because of limited gaming content. But this game is designed according to players’ interest with eye-catching graphics, gameplay, and challenging levels to check personability in a difficult situation.
  • To make it more interesting, a period of 5 days is given to escape. Otherwise, granny catches you and locks you in her house forever. In short, it is a do or dies situation for players.
  • For competing above all situations, the player uses the mind that sharpens his/her mind and makes him/her ability to use the mind in a variety of cases where a normal individual loses his abilities even to think.


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How to Download and Install Granny MOD Apk?

Now you can get unlimited fun by downloading Granny Mod Apk 2021 without spending a single penny and giving personal information. You have to follow the following steps to get downloaded.

1- Open our website.

2- Press the download button.

3- The file will start downloading.

4- Click on Apk to Install

5- Sometimes it asks for Permission. Allow Permission

6- Run the Modified Apk

Sometimes users complain of problem regarding installing file that is already downloaded. What you have to do is to go to downloads, search that file and click on run administrator and then on the Next button until it pops up. The file will be installed and then enjoy your game.

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Features of Granny Mod Apk

  • That game will become safe for you. You will not get harmed by granny or anything inside the house.
  • You will become invisible. So granny might not see you. Now you can explore every corner of the house and uncover hidden secrets easily. And above all, you can complete this mission before the required limit ends and will enter the next level more quickly.
  • The best advantage is that you will get zero damage at all.
  • You don’t have to root your device for using this mod.
  • This application is suitable for all versions and is auto updateable


Application Granny MOD APK
Version 1.7.9
Developer DVloper
Updated 1 day ago


Granny Mod Apk Requirements

  • DVlpors develop this game. Basic requirements include a cell phone, internet, and downloaded game. The minimum requirement of software for android users is 4.0 and above versions, and for iOS, it is 7.0 and its high versions.
  • It is mostly recommended for kids of 12+ age as this game is full of new adventures, so people also recommend it for 18+.
  • If our child is fearless and loves adventures, then permit him/her to play this game otherwise not.

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What’s new in Granny Mod?

This is the most asked question, and that is the right of every user to know what’s new in the game they are playing. As you already know, the game starts in a house where get you locked in her house, and your escape mission starts.

All that hurdles that came in your way get controlled by downloading granny mod apk. You will get nullzerep by using this mod. Additionally, there are Bug fixes and optimization.

Granny Mod Application File Information

APP NameGranny
Developer InfoDVapps AB
File Size99.8 MB
Android Version4.03 or above

Granny Apk Theme

This mobile game starts with a person entering a house filled with secrets and mysteries. You will have to explore hidden secrets and mysteries. But wait a minute, it is not that simple. That house belongs to an old woman names Granny. Granny is not an ordinary lady. She is very clever and cruel.

When you enter the house granny locked you in her house in a jail. Now your mission is to escape as soon as possible. Granny keeps on running with an awkward gait in her two stories house.

 For getting yourself out, you will have to pay your best and be careful as she can hear every sound. The more noise you make, the more difficult it shall be your stay at home. So without making any noise, uncover hidden mysteries and secrets and find a key to unlock yourself, and let yourself free from that zombie granny.

You have five days to complete that mission of getting yourself out. If you complete that mission within the required time, then you win and move towards the next level. But if you fail granny catches you and will keep you locked in her jail forever.

Final Verdict

Both kids and their parents share positive reviews about this game. Some parents let their kid/child play this game while some not as it horror, has blood spots, jump sacres in this game due to which child gets easily terrified. On the other side, many kids and their parents love playing this game because this game is pure fun.

Only a person who is adventurous, fearless will love this game. So if you have any of these or related qualities then play this game. This will sharpen your mind and will be beneficial for you in other difficult life affairs.

General FAQ’s

What is the size of the APK file of Granny mod?

Granny Mod Apk is light in size. Its size depends on every latest update. The latest updated file size is 90.9MBs.

Will that file harms our cell phone?

No. Not at all. As it is a light size file and will not interrupt your personal data, gallery, etc. In short, it is entirely harmless.

Can we kill Granny by downloading Apk?

Granny is a zombie and the main leading character which is unbeatable. You can not kill her but can hide from her.

Will we have to pay for downloading this file?

This file is free of cost, and you can enjoy it freely throughout your life.

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