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February 19, 2024





If you are a consistent player of Dragon City Apk then you may know well that this game is filled with different events waiting for you to increase your thrill and love for your dragons.

You might have participated in many events, but now the latest event at your door-step is waiting for you and the countdown begins…..

This event will start on 14 May 2020.

heaven Heroic Race

Heaven Heroic Race(Latest Event) Coming Soon

Heaven Heroic Race is one of the most exciting and fun giving event. When the event starts, you including 7 other players will be placed on an island. You will compete with each other through tasks. After winning that Lap, you will progress towards another lap. After each victory, you will be rewarded or can unlock a reward. If you will complete the laps quickly then you will be rewarded with a bonus.

If you stood first in this event, then you will be rewarded with the newly released Heroic Dragon(which is different each month) and, three (3) other dragons(one of each Epic, Rare and Legendary dragon).

If you stood second, then you will be rewarded with everything except for Heroic Dragon. If third then misses out a Legendary dragon etc.

Note: This event lasts 11 days.

heroic Race

Lap Info

Lap 1

Feed Dragons

Number: 4

Pool: 4

Chance: 10%

Wait: Instant

Min Time: No minute

Lap 2

Collect Gold

Number: 5

Pool: 5

Chance: 1%

Wait: Instant

Min Time: No minute

Lap 3

Collect Food

Number: 4

Pool: 4

Chance: 10%

Wait: Instant

Min Time:  No minute

Lap 4

Feed Dragons

Number: 6

Pool: 5

Chance: 10%

Wait: 5 minute

Min Time: 5 minute

Lap 5

Battle Dragons

Number: 2

Pool: 2

Chance: 100%

Wait: Instant

Min Time: 20 minute

Tips For Heroic Race

Heaven Heroic Race

Ideal way to collect more gold in this event is to have more habitat.

More habitat= more chances to collect gold.

Another way to collect more gold is to power up your dragons by choosing them intellectually in the given task to increase the amount of gold.

For Food

One of the ideal tip that you should follow in this event. Always go for the cheapest option over and over again. In this way you can increase your food by selecting the cheapest option for buying items.

Select cheapest option for buying items= get more food.

Breed And Hatch Dragons

Breed more= create more chances to get more items after breed

Breed more dragons, and the best way to breed more dragons may take multiple attempts. Breed Terra+Terra, because they breed quickly then others. You can also sell eggs or if you don’t want to sell them, put them in a suitable habitat (Terra habitat).

Try to unlock other suitable habitats if you are breeding other dragons.

Heaven Heroic Race

To Feed Dragons

Keep feeding that dragons you have hatched previously e.g Terra Dragon. If you don’t like that option, try another option i.e power up your dragons. This will help you a lot in winning.

Battle Dragons

During each battle, take care of time of every mission. Try you best to save your time. Time can be saved easily during the missions with long duration. Use your free spin, with this lap will be auto completed.

Temporary Quest Battles

Try to complete them, because these occur frequently during Heroic Race and are loaded with rewards (food, gems, gold other items, and can level up dragon ranks).

PvP Arenas

You should have fully powered dragons to complete Arenas. This will make tough competition. You can also unlock 6th Dragon Tower for ease entry.

FAQS Of Heroic Race Event

What does Pool means?

It is the maximum number of items available for the player to collect at the start of events mission. It is always full at the start.

What does Wait Time means?

It is the amount of time required for a new item to be added in the pool. Once you use it for the first time, pool starts filling itself. Wait time only matters when pool is not filled enough to complete the mission.

What does Min. Time means?

It is basically the calculation of refilling the pool in time.

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