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February 19, 2024





Soul Knight Mod Apk is an Action game with a lot of thrill and adventure. This shooting game basically narrates the confrontation of people and aliens. The aliens have stolen the most precious artifact from the Earth, and as a result of which fate of the World has been changed.

Tables can only be turned with heroes, that will prevent their world from salvation. For this purpose, there are varieties of different weapons, with the help of which heroes will try to defeat their enemies.

Soul Knight Mod Apk- Latest Version Free Download

NameSoul Knight Mod Apk
Version2.6.8 (Latest)
Size100 MB
FeaturesUnlimited Gems, Unlimited Money &Unlocked All
System Requires At least 4.2

Have you ever wondered, what happens to the soul when people pass away? Some say that the souls of good people move towards heaven with others are transferred towards the dark side. It totally depends on their sins.

But the developers ChillyRoom has mobilized the mystery into this beautifully designed game. Generally, Soul Knight is a combination of RPG and shooter game genre. It supports both Android and iOS and is released completely free.

With Soul Knight, you will be able to explore the dark world of the dark castle, collect weapons, dodge bullets, and destroy everything or anything you want.

Soul Knight tells the dark plot of wicked wizards from the aliens. Actually, he wanted to turn all human beings into his slaves, that is why he steals soul stones to control the World and become their Master. After knowing his intentions, Heroes knot their ties and put their best to defeat them in every possible way they own. Will our heroes stop the wizard plan?

For making it possible, play this game in a modified version for getting every single advantage without any harm, and protect your world from foes and salvation. Play this game and get 100% guarantees to access this game.

Wants to Enter The Dungeon?

Its storyline is a bit similar to The game “Enter The Dungeon”. It is not much easy as it seems. It is very hard and challenging to play this game. It basically depends on your skills, how you control the character you are playing. How you shoot your enemies. It also depends on your shooting skills on the battlefield. Your courage and passion for defeating your enemies.

As it is an action-loaded shooting game, and your world is occupied with wicked wizard. In a run of protecting your world, you will face many hardships and hurdles in your way. Many dreadful creatures will tackle you with their dark forces.

It comprises of different levels. Each level having its own aggressiveness with more trained dark forces and increased abilities. With each increased level, more difficulties on your way.

The game provides you with a range of support items such as Guns, Swords, HP, MP, Armor, … so you can afford to fight monsters.


If you have ever played “Enter The Dungeon”, then you might notice their similarities. It seems very easy to play this game. But it is challenging and way more difficult to play this game.

Soul Knight Mod Apk

The main aim of this game is to wipe out all your enemies(dark forces) for protecting your Earth. Each hero has his own abilities like some can avoid bullets, some are capable of using weapons or some can steal enemies’ powers and many more. On the other side, they will also have some weaknesses.

You can use the character of your choice by buying them with gems, while some characters can only be purchased with original money IAP for $ 1. Not all players can pay for their beloved characters. That is why we have created Soul Knight Mod Apk for unlimited adventure and fun.

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One of the things that are loved about this game is its 2D Graphics. It is quite simple and appealing for almost every player. In recent times, there are limited games with such simple graphics. These graphics were used when we used to be a child.

People want to play such games because they remind them of their childhood.

Its graphics reminds me of Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

Currencies in Soul Knight Mod Apk

There are different types of currencies introduced in this game like gold and gems. With the help of gems, you can hire soldiers or buy any supporting item for yourself. While Gems is a high-end currency used for purchasing characters or pets, upgrading your current character.

For more gems or for heaving superpower weapons, you can play a mini-game in your lobby.


There are 170 different types of weapons introduces in this game. After each level weapons usage will be different like a gun, laser, blade, etc. You need blue bar mana or soul for operating. Each weapon has its own power and strength.

Soul Knight Mod

Soul Knight Mod Apk Features

V 1

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Golf
  • Unlimited free craft and other items
  • Unlimited Seeds
  • Unlimited Eggs
  • Unlock all characters
  • Unlock all skins
  • unlock all weapons
  • Free Crafts
  • Unlock all pets
  • Unlock all paid skins
  • Unlock plots
  • Unlock all decorative equipment in this game like a vending machine.
  • A large number of Diamonds

V 2

  • Unlimited Energy
  • No skill CD
  • All V1 features


  • Android: 4.1+
  • Rated For: 3+ years

What’s New

  • Bug Fixes
  • Optimization
  • Access to all levels
  • Access to all characters
  • Access to all weapons
  • Bullets can not be blocked when buff.
  • And many more…..

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Final Words

This game is one of the best action loaded shooting game that I was in search of. I love to play such types of games. As there sharpen your mind and makes you intelligent. On the other hand, its storyline is very attractive. As a soldier or being a hero of mankind, you can participate and fight for your rights and land. With every possible skill and trick, you can tackle dark souls and defeat them. And last but not the least, its eye-catching graphics has made him one of the most downloaded games from google play within no time.[/su_panel]

General FAQ’s

Why do pets have health if they can’t die?

Losing health does not mean that pets will be killed. After losing their health, they will stop fighting for about 30 seconds. After that, they will gain their health again and will start fighting.

Do the stages affect what the other stages are?

Not at all. The stages are random and so not affect the following stages.

Do the effect of the same buff stacks?

No, it does not stack. It is impossible to get the same buff twice after certain levels.

What can I get with its Mods?

You can enjoy unlimited gold, gems, crafts. Unlock all characters, skins, and many more.

For more information read this on mod info.

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